A little about Ol Ellie..

i am a freelancer
I am fearless
I am not tall
I have a thirst for all information and no satiation point as of yet
I am not young but not old either

I love a great beer, amazing red wine and the od well shot

I love politics

I love sports

I love tight jeans
Topics I will cover will be everything from politics, to sports, to painting, to martial arts, to the mundane everyday things in life. 

Sometimes I will rant

Other times i will ramble

At all times i will tell you the truth about whats on my mind. I mean why not right? I can't see you and you can't see me. 

I don't get offended easily but don't be a jackass for the sake of being a jackass. 

I will read all comments and do my best to respond. 

Contact me here or email admin@expertconsult.ca . Thanks!